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My Job involves a lot of lifting which causes lower back and shoulder pain. I was complaining to a friend who then advised me to book a massage from Shireen at equilibratherapies . I am so glad I did, I could tell that she was really working on the bad areas of my shoulders and lower back but it was so relaxing at the same time. I felt so good afterwards and will definitely be going back again.


Natalie Hedges. Drug and alcohol advisor. Chippenham.

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I had my therapy with Shireen at a time when I was completely exhausted and depleted. She knew exactly what points needed attention, I felt centred, grounded and my spirit felt invigorated . Shireen's therapy is like a healing balm, soothing, nurturing. She's brilliant!


Sunita Dhokia, Medical Herbalist BSc Hons, London.

I have been going to Shireen for about 6 years now and having previously had a great deal of massages by various practitioners, I can genuinely say I have never been more impressed and would recommend her to anyone. She has the experience, strength and focus that many lack and a calm and caring nature that immediately puts you at ease.


She has also carried out reflexology on me a number of times when I was suffering from reactive arthritis which provided me a great deal of pain relief and relaxation and her knowledge of the human body gave me a greater understanding of my condition and how my body was reacting to the illness.


I particularly like the way that she gives you feedback after any therapy, explaining what she has done and always offers advice on preventative natural remedies, nutrition and exercise. I whole heartedly encourage you to make an appointment!


Hannah Dawson. Wildlife Advisor. Bristol.

Shireen is an extremely professional practitioner of complimentary and alternative therapies.

Her treatments reveal a thorough knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and an excellent understanding of nutrition.

As pensioners, we realise that we must try to keep fit in order to enjoy our lives to the full, so consider that the cost of weekly deep Thai massages is justified.

Shireen is very aware of the different levels of muscle tone and physical fitness of the individual and adjusts her treatment accordingly.

Shireen is a warm, charming, spiritual healer with a great sense of humour.  She is gentle and sensitive, yet able to apply strong pressure throughout the deep massage sessions.

Our bodies are increasingly more flexible and balanced, and we know that Shireen's massages have been of great benefit to us.

We love her to bits!


Peter and Pamela Leah, combined age 151 years!