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reflexology for the elderly and infirm


As our society gets older and a higher percentage of us are moving into “protirement” or “retirement” it makes sense to use something as simple as a hand or foot massage to ease aches, pains and problems. It has been found to help client lower their cholesterol level, blood pressure and reduce the amount of pain relief medication required after operations or procedures.


Likewise the health care systems are keeping more and more people in better health into much older years and the need for providing quality care with reflexology is evident. People are gaining great opportunities for increasing well-being, emotional support and physical improvements all the time. Even when clients are bed ridden there is much that reflexology can provide.  Sometimes a Hand Reflexology treatment may be more appropriate for the elderly.  


We know that relatives are now requesting reflexology for their loved ones and more homes are considering the health and financial benefits of using the services of a qualified reflexologist.


Reflexology is a safe and compassionate touch, without being too invasive.

The elderly are a large segment of the population and can feel isolated and be lonely, even when they are in facilities like nursing homes. The touch they receive in institutions is mostly for practical purposes and is often mechanical making reflexology a greatly appreciated experience especially because of its attentive and non-invasive qualities.


The Benefits of Reflexology


Reflexology provides success stories worth examining.


There have been numerous studies, which are readily available on the Internet that show the benefits of reflexology and have found it to have helped a number of conditions.


• pain relief

stress relief

• Relief of constipation

• Alzheimer's-related anxiety

• Post surgery recovery

• Incontinence

• Osteoarthritis,

• high blood pressure

• high cholesterol

• decreased or loss of senses such as sight or hearing

• memory loss

• Dementia

• depression

• poor circulation


Reflexology does not claim to extend the life of its clients, but to assist in the quality of it. Maybe that will mean a day free of pain for one person or a week of regular bowel movements for another. Maintenance sessions might be planned weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed.

Elderly patients that routinely get reflexology treatment reduce their levels of cholesterol, reduce and maintain lower blood pressure and treat painful digestion better than drugs.

Studies have shown that patients that received reflexology treatment after surgery experienced far less pain than the patients that received painkillers alone. Moreover, reflexology was shown to be more effective than catheterization in patients with retention of urine after surgery.

Sessions can help a senior have a better awareness of her feet through the stimulation of the nerve endings. This in turn may help to improve balance and gait, which will have them feeling more confident about moving around unassisted.

Reflexology provides a holistic practice tool that does not rely on language, is minimally invasive, and can evoke a positive emotional response with little risk of adverse effect. No equipment is required and can be done anywhere where the client can sit or lie comfortably.


To book a session


If you are interested in how Reflexology can benefit your home I can visit you for free in an introductory session where I will give a talk on Reflexology to staff, patients and family, whom ever is interested. This will include a practical session where I will teach basic massage techniques on the hands to help with constipation, incontinence, dementia related stress or any other conditions at your request. This is great for your staff or families to try on the residents.


The session, as well as being informative can be very stimulating for all the residents. The Aromatherapy oils provided can evoke a relaxing and positive experience through touch and smell.


There is absolutely no obligation to book any of the following packages. The session will last 1 hour and in a time to suit your day’s activities.


The contractual package:


Full day £100 - 7 hours


Half Day £50  - 3.5 hours


This opportunity would serve a maximum of 14 individuals on any full day and 7 individuals on any half day, and is offered at a fraction of the cost usually incurred for a reflexology session. Reflexology is probably not a service you currently offer to your residents and therefore it would not have been budgeted for in the fees paid to you on their behalf, however at a cost of £7.50 per resident per session the potential benefit to individuals' wellbeing far outweighs the minimal cost involved


Alternatively Individual Sessions are available:


£7.50 per session with a minimum booking of 7.

£10 per session with a minimum booking of 5.

For bookings and enquiries please contact me



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